Holistic advice that goes beyond investments.

WealthTech has created fGPS™, a comprehensive system that generates turn-by-turn advice and decision support with respect to cash flow, asset allocation, and investment risk, all in the context of financial goals. While traditional “financial roadmaps” are static, fGPS™ dynamically adapts to changing conditions and provides customized monthly advice to help individuals answer the question, “What should I do now to reach my financial goals?”

Built by thinkers who do.

WealthTech was founded by a team of data scientists, quants, wealth managers, risk managers and strategists with a track record of deploying new technologies and responding to change in financial services.

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Financial planning and wealth management for everyone

Grow your business by helping more people.

Most of the world lacks access to professional financial advice. fGPS™ allows advisors to deliver cost-effective, sophisticated advice to individuals who could never afford it before. This can open up entirely new markets to wealth managers, independent advisors, digital financial services providers, non-financial consumer communities, corporate benefits programs, and non-profit or government organizations.